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Our services can be tailored to meet each clients individual requirement and through full consultation are clearly defined at the outset of every management contract.

We offer the highest level of property advice and provide the following comprehensive range of specialist disciplines:
Asset and Property Management.
Building Consultancy.
Preparation of Long Term Maintenance and Budgetary Plans.
Advice on Health and Safety (HSE) Issues.
Insurance Advice.
Maintaining Accounting Records.
Service Charge Implementation.
Tower Association and Constitutional Issues.
As a market leader, Elite Way Properties provides a comprehensive range of personal and professional services to developers, landlords and tenants, through professionally qualified and experienced staff who work within stringent guidelines set by the company.

Our aim is to take away the pressures of managing developments on  landlords.

In fact, all our staff are highly trained in their respective fields and have the passion to deliver the very best in customer service; ensuring customers receive the best advice and the highest level of service and attention.