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Strategy & Marketing Methodology

Effective sales and marketing is crucial to the success of any business. But simply understanding our market is not enough. We need to build on our marketing plans, turning theory  into profits.

A good sales strategy will help us identify and take advantage of the best opportunities.

In order to become the most distinguished name in the real estate market, we are investing through the following marketing tools:

  • Media campaigns, press releases, advertorials, editorials, ATL/BTL advertising, internet ads
  • Participation in both public and private exhibitions
  • Organizing pre-launch and launch events for new projects
  • Preparation of product portfolio power point presentations to potentially interested clients
  • Introduction of a highly and professionally complicated website that would strongly reflect our image
  • Use of marketing tools such as: Banners, lamp posts, flags, billboards, leaflets and any newly created or innovative tools
  • Attraction of celebrities, society stars sportsmen or politicians
  • Benefit from sponsorships and affiliations with partners from different business activities

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